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The Canary as a metaphor for alarm

The Canary high sensitivity to the invisible odorless and colorless gas, carbon monoxide gave an important role in the twentieth century mining industry. If the bird showed signs of feeling bad evacuated quickly mine and saved lives. Until 1986 they used the canary in the UK. In the introduction to the book “Why cry the cougar” tells photographer Marianne Greenwood about another canary: “One time when I traveled in a freighter on the Caribbean Sea had the chef his little canary, which he loved, in a cage outside on the deck. The sun was shining and the sea was blue and canary sang so beautifully for us, for the dolphins that appeared around the ship’s sides and for the flying-fish that splashed out of the water. A prankster opened the cage door, and out flew the canary. It flapped strenuously with their small wings, but with less speed than the ship. Soon it found itself out of reach, and while the chef ran and screamed heartbreaking the bird became smaller and smaller, just a small yellow dot in the big blue, which eventually devoured it. Why, now says the reader of this little story, why could they not stop the big ship as the chef so pleadingly asked for? No, the canary was the victim of progress, the holy progress. Whole groups of people are victims of this progress, but they are anonymous, abstract, and we can not identify with them.” The people Marianne Greenwood thought of, was Indians, Aborigines, all indigenous peoples. The people I want to highlight is the EHS, those who love the forest, the poisoned, allergics, electricity refugees. Here at Kanariefagelnsjunger.org I want to share humorous and satirical artwork, short films, texts, poems etc that criticize environmental degradation based on these aspects. Both my own, and others’. When I started building this website I found a platform of the Canadian writer and biologist Kim Goldberg, who gathers material for a forthcoming book on the subject, and as I let myself be inspired by.

The beautiful canary song perhaps get someone’s heart to listen.

Splendid regards Bie Erenurm